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Package: Experience the Heritage Paddle Steamer Ride for reverine beauty Bangladesh

0 Day 1 Night
৳ 14,998.00 Price Start/person

Experience the Heritage Paddle Steamer Ride

Paddle Steamer or Rocket Steamer , its the name of fo steamers which was introduced by British during 19th century but only two places its till in operation , one is in USA micicipi river and another is in Bangladesh in southern part. this paddle boats once they way main transportation fto connect hundreds of small and big districts , sub districts with the capital. it is still minting the same typical looks and the engine is only replaced by general engine but the shape , facilities are almost same . it begins everyday from Dhaka in th evening and overnight cruising to Moralgong . it will go through the Ganges Brahmaputra delta touching chndpur, Barisal , Hularhat , m staoralgong . it will come back the same way starting from Moralgong at 09:30 am , it is highly suggested for the tourist where they get more daylight to see the cursing and see the beautiful country side sitting from the baranda . you can see alot of fishing , people coming in and out from the boat , erosion, lifestyle even inside the boat you ca nwalk around and meet lots of people . there are first and second class cabin with air-condition . for tourist frist class is highly suggested and from the barada you can get the best view of the river life . fresh cooked food is served and tea and coffee is always evadible . room are small but clean.

How to Go – Dhaka to Sadarghat boat station by Car / Bus l local transport
Best Time to Visit – Any time of the year . Friday from Dhaka and Sundaay from Moralgonj its day off..
Duration of the visit – 01 day and 01 night
Travel Advice – There is only five to eight first class cabins in the boat , you have to buy the ticket in well advance . tipping is suggested for buying and inside the boat. food can be purchased on boat . no alcohol is served on boat .

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