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Grand Holidays

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Assalamualikum Most Luxurious Cruise Ship specially for Sundarban, River & Cruise. We are very glad to introduce the cruise ship M.L. UTSHOB brought to you by the management team of GRAND HOLIDAYS, Khulna. On 1st February 2019, the construction of ML Utshob begins with the establishment of a new plate. The vessel included various modern, exciting & prominent features inside. A total of 40 people can be accommodated in 18 air-conditioned cabins (couple, twin and triple beds). Also, B-B-Q Lounge, flexible hood, green terrace, stylish dining space, quarter deck, front deck, cryptic corridor, open-air balcony, and overall decent interior will enhance your voyage and feeling. 30000-liter capacity pure drinking water tank, high-performance and advanced engine’s, emergency speed boat support, multi-year veteran’s guides are using to be technically sound.

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Grand Holidays
সিটি ইন লি: বি-১, মজিদ স্বরনী কে.ডি.এ কর্মাশিয়াল এরিয়া, খুলনা-৯১০০

Md Wahidur Rahman